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The Benefits Of Energy Saving

With the ongoing energy crisis and cost of living increase in the UK, now more than ever, people are looking to save energy. By far the biggest opportunity to save is on heating and hot water, as almost 80% of the energy used within a home is for these. Making your hot water and heating more efficient is the most effective way to reduce energy usage.

At AtticZone, we have the perfect solution to help reduce homeowners’ energy bills. Suitable for homes old and new, available DIY or professionally installed, you can be sure to protect your energy savings.


Energy Saving Statistics

0 %
of Brits are not planning to turn on their heat for fear of the energy costs.
0 %
of Brits understand the importance of loft insulation; however, 60% do not know the effects compression has on its effectiveness.
0 %
of British homeowners rate their home as having low heat retention, while 6% say it does not retain any at all.

We’re here to help change these statistics and give some advice on what can be done. Check out our quick, easy and affordable tips below to save energy, lower your bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy Saving Advice

Reducing your dependence on electrical and gas heating is important but easier said than done in the colder weather. Check out our energy-saving advice blogs to see how you can make your heating and hot water go the extra mile.

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Get the latest industry insights, press releases and more to stay in the loop on the latest updates that you need to know for the best energy-saving solutions.

attic insulation being installed.

Top Energy Saving Tips this Winter through Attic Insulation

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raised attic boarding for energy saving

Raised Attic Boarding for Energy Saving

The energy crisis is already in full swing, with millions of homeowners facing increased living ...

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Want To Start Saving Money On Your Energy Bills?

Whether you’re a homeowner, renter, a student, or live with your parents – everyone has a part to play and can do something to help. There is a wide range of small changes that anyone can make at home that are all cheap and can be done yourself with no professional support necessary. However, if you would like a specialist installer to do it for you, we work with locally approved installers with expert knowledge and experience to give you peace of mind.

Don’t wait – get in contact today to save money immediately.

Increase Your Home's Value, Save On Heating Bills

We founded AtticZone to make lofts better for storage and the environment, since then, we have become the world’s leading one-stop-shop for all your loft storage and access needs.

As well as energy saving, LoftZone’s award-winning products offer a host of other benefits that make them the ideal choice for homes of all shapes and sizes. Trusted by homeowners all around the world, we’ve transformed more than 100,000 lofts to date, so you can rest assured the AtticZone  team will help you with a bespoke solution.

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Take a look at our rebranded site, we’re sure you’ll love it as much as our Attic boarding!