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Attic Shelving

Easy-to-Fit Trussed Roof Shelving

Our unique attic shelving systems are designed for trussed roof attics (the type of roof with timbers that form a V- or W-pattern inside the attic), which is the most common form of attic construction in the UK since the 1990s. Newer houses often lack storage space, so use our easy-to-fit attic shelving systems to provide some much-needed extra space!

  • Wooden Attic Shelving

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  • An attic with a metal shelf fitted within the ceiling joists and a boarded walk way.

    Steel TrussShelf

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Steel TrussShelf

High Quality, British-Made Metal Attic Shelving

These smart steel shelf panels can simply be placed on the trusses, where they find their own level, and then all you have to do is to secure them with the screws provided. These trussed attic shelves literally take seconds to fit, and all you need is a manual screwdriver.

A closeup of a metal shelve added in an attic for extra storage space.
Wooden shelves in an attic.


High Quality, British-Made Wooden Attic Shelving

The Shelf-Beam consists of a steel beam with two brackets, one at each end, that is placed between the timber trusses in your Attic. You then fix the brackets into the trusses with the screws provided and place attic boards (or any other shelving board you choose) on top of the beams. As the final step, screw the boards into the Shelf-Beams with the self-tapping screws provided. In this respect, it’s very similar to fitting boards onto our raised attic decking products, StoreFloor and StoreFloor Compact, but for shelving instead!

Brackets attached between ceiling joists in an attic.

Here are some points to consider when choosing Attic shelving.

Attic Shelving Installation Guides

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