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raised attic boarding for energy saving

Raised Attic Boarding for Energy Saving

The energy crisis is already in full swing, with millions of homeowners facing increased living costs due to steep gas and power price changes. It will surely impact millions as we approach the Winter – so what can be done?

With this in mind, reducing your dependence on electrical and gas heating is important but easier said than done in the colder weather. However, at Atticzone, our raised attic boarding StoreFloor is an ideal solution to help you prepare for the energy crisis and save money.

Why is Insulation so Important for Saving Energy

Attic insulation is essential for helping homeowners save hundreds of pounds in heating bills every year whilst also helping save the planet. As heat rises, the warm air your heating produces will travel upwards and escape through your home’s roof. 

Insulation stops this by acting as the woolly hat for your home, trapping the heat inside so you need less energy to heat it constantly. It is estimated that around 25% of the heat generated is wasted. With the rising costs, you can easily see why insulating the attic would be an effective method of helping you to save up to £250 per year off your energy bills.

Insulation can be installed into the roof but most commonly is placed between the joists of your attic. It’s easy to set up if you’d rather DIY, but we would recommend a professional to do it so that it meets building regulation standards and lasts indefinitely, not needing to be changed every few years. 

How does a Raised Attic help save on your energy bills

While simply installing attic insulation sounds nice and easy, unfortunately, it’s not just as simple as that. In order to keep your insulation at its recommended depth of 200mm, you’d have to either go without attic boarding completely or utilise a raised attic board system. This is because standard attic boarding that rests directly on the joists of your attic floor will squash the insulation flat underneath its weight and prevent it from working effectively. It is estimated that compressed insulation loses 50% of its efficiency, increasing your heat loss and therefore raising your energy bills.

A raised attic system works by creating a raised platform for boarding to rest on above the insulation while allowing it to retain its full depth to help with your energy savings. It consists of tri- and uni-supports spaced 61cm apart and securely fitted into the joists. Sturdy steel cross-beams are then slid between the supports to create a structure you can screw your attic boarding for energy saving on top of.  

The raised StoreFloor structure has a height of 279mm and provides the ability for your insulation to fit right up against the supports with still enough space for a small gap for airflow. An airflow gap helps to prevent condensation from forming in the insulation and becoming damaged. 

Protect your energy bills this Winter with Raised Attic Boarding

Effective attic insulation doesn’t just save you money on your heating – it can also reduce your household’s carbon emissions. If you’re interested in reducing your energy bills this Winter, it’s imperative you protect your home’s attic insulation with a raised attic boarding for energy saving. 

Get in touch today, and a member of the Atticzone team will help you create a storage solution bespoke to your attic’s size with attic boarding for energy saving that will reduce monthly bills.

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