How to Prevent Damp Attic Insulation to Ensure a Warm Home

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Insulation is vital to keeping your home warm this winter, preventing your valuable (and expensive!) heat from escaping. Typically heat rises, and on average, you could save 15% a year by insulating an uninsulated attic with R-38 or about 10 to 14 inches of attic insulation.  However, you must keep your attic insulation well-protected for […]

Top Energy Saving Tips this Winter through Attic Insulation

attic insulation being installed.

Understandably, everyone right now wants to save energy. Many think changing to more efficient electrical appliances and switching off things they don’t need is the best solution. While it is a good idea, there are more effective ways to save energy.  Around 85% of the energy used in the home is for heating and hot […]

Does The Type Of Roof Affect Attic Boarding Installation?

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If you’re considering adding extra storage space to your home, then you’re likely contemplating attic boarding installation. It’s a popular option that has plenty of benefits, but does the type of roof affect attic boarding installation? This question comes up often, read on to find out! Attic boarding installation process: The short answer is yes; […]

How can I regulate my attic temperature?

raised attic boarding with insulation installed

Levelling your attic temperature can not only present benefits in terms of your storage possibilities but also introduces airflow and lower energy bills. Why control your attic temperature? Controlling your attic temperature can have a larger impact on your home than some may initially realise. The attic is a primary area for heat loss around […]

Preparing for the attic boarding process

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If you’ve taken a step back and decided enough was enough – a new storage solution needed to be investigated within your home – attic storage may be your next option.  The boarding process Getting in touch with our professionals outlines the cost and the technical areas needed to complete the attic boarding process. When […]

How much of my attic space am I able to board?

Floor board brackets attached to an attic floor, on top of insulation.

If you’re deciding to increase your attic space, knowing how much you’re able to board will be the first point of call. You’ll likely already know how much space you’ll want to be boarded in order to reach your optimal storage capacity. If so, other areas such as headroom, access and bearing energy saving in […]

Can I extend my attic boarding if I get an extension?

a well insulated attic to help keep it cool

Typically, when getting an extension for your home, the attic might either be an afterthought for some or a key focus. Whether you’ve already had your existing attic boarded or are waiting for your extension to be completed, there are a few parameters that need to be considered when thinking about the attic size. The […]

How long do attic boards last before needing replacing?

An attic with a fully boarded floor.

When thinking of improving your attic, you’ll first need to evaluate what the current situation is like within the space. This means all aspects of the attic, such as beams, insulation, and existing boards, will need to be examined and tallied as a replacement if that is needed. The life of attic boards The process […]

Will the age of my house affect being able to board the attic?

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Deciding if your attic is suitable for an attic boarding installation needn’t be a headache, especially when it comes to an old attic conversion. Some may think that it may not even be available but with our expertise and knowledge, we’ve got the solution for you. The versatility of our products We understand that not […]

Raised Attic Boarding for Energy Saving

raised attic boarding for energy saving

The energy crisis is already in full swing, with millions of homeowners facing increased living costs due to steep gas and power price changes. It will surely impact millions as we approach the Winter – so what can be done? With this in mind, reducing your dependence on electrical and gas heating is important but […]