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An attic with a fully boarded floor.

How long do attic boards last before needing replacing?

When thinking of improving your attic, you’ll first need to evaluate what the current situation is like within the space. This means all aspects of the attic, such as beams, insulation, and existing boards, will need to be examined and tallied as a replacement if that is needed.

The life of attic boards

The process to install attic boards needn’t put people off due to cost and practicality. In our history, we’ve found an operational attic improves the quality of life and also raises the worth of the property. Typically, the life of attic boards does depend on how they have been looked after.

Attic boards, especially our StoreFloor selection, have a weight limit of 500kg. This is not only for safety reasons but also for the health of the existing roof structure and the attic boarding itself. When using the space for storage, ensure you spread out the load to encourage an even spread across a larger surface area.

Attic board replacement

If you find that some attic boards have been damaged or are in need of replacing due to warping from weight, or any other reason similar to the suggested, get them replaced as soon as possible. The reason for this is that it could impact the life of surrounding boards which, in turn, will likely require those to be changed also. We have a number of professional installers who take pride in their work and would be happy to explore the option of boarding your attic.

But what about the insulation?

To install attic boards right on top of the roofing insulation is not recommended. This is due to 25% of the heat from your house raising up and being lost through the roof. To reduce this, lowering heating bills, it is suggested to allow a ‘breathing-room’ space between the insulation and the attic boards. 

The life of the insulation installed within your roof differs depending on the situation. Its effectiveness is impacted by the age of the material so it would need to be checked. To do so, there are some signs which are likely noticeable and lead to the need for new roof insulation.

  • Cold drafts (rooms, walls, and floors)
  • Heat escaping quickly
  • Energy bills rising
  • Frozen pipes
  • Inconsistent temperatures

All areas mentioned will likely point towards your attic insulation performing inconsistently or not at all. This is when it is suggested to get them replaced. The inefficiency of insulation could be accelerated by multiple factors.

  • Dampness
  • Physical damage
  • Poor installation of the material
  • A thin amount of insulation

Avoiding these would be ideal for optimal performance.

Optional extras for your attic

Making the most of your attic and creating an efficient space encourages a calm piece of mind and value to the room. Installing attic boards, and in turn, attic shelving aids in organization and tidiness.

Get in touch

Whether you’re looking for expert advice or for an expert to install attic boards, get in touch for further information or browse our website to find the ideal products for your new space. 

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