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raised attic boarding needs

Why StoreFloor for Your Raised Attic Boarding Needs?

Our attic boarding system is the strongest system available, as it can hold up to an immense 100 Pounds per square foot, this is all achievable from the use of the uni-supports which are made from engineering-grade recycled plastic!

Using recycled materials keeps us up to date with creating the best supplies for you whilst modifying the original materials to benefit you in the best way for your attic – this makes the StoreFloor much sturdier than the joists you see in a standard attic.

More Value for Your Home

Our products can increase the value of your home no matter what type of build your property is. Our StoreFloor product is appropriate for nearly all attic types including cut, purlin, and truss-roofed types. We are BBA-approved for using StoreFloor in new-build properties!

If you are unsure about different types of attics – this may guide you into finding yours:

Cut – A attic cut can be added by two or more segments from specifically chosen edges, defining one or more attic paths.

Purlin – A purlin delivers the most concrete support to your attic. It is usually the largest and sturdiest of timbers within a structural point of view. They are normally attached horizontally underneath the joists which are nailed onto them.

Truss-roofs – The rafters have a distinctive ‘W’ shape which enables the solid structure of the attic floor. The frame will take up most of the area within your attic so, if any changes are being considered, the whole configuration of the attic would need replacing.

Feedback from You!

We are a worldwide company, based in the UK with award-winning attic boarding! Check out our Awards Page!

Our reviews from you are what is most important to us. Without you giving us feedback on our products, services, and how StoreFloor has improved your homes is what drives us to make every experience exciting for you.

A key example of one of our 5-star ratings, (4.7/5 on Google and 5/5 on Facebook), was how the customer thought our products are, “Really strong and great storage”.

These are two elements within StoreFloor that make our products so durable. For the customer, having the storage space that they need is such a benefit in our work – we can create extra storage space for you, so your home does not feel so crowded. Result!

Safety is a Key Priority

Our DIY attic boarding kits come with in-depth installation guides. We’re also on hand if you ever need support with the installation. In fact, if DIY isn’t your thing. We have AtticZone authorized installers throughout the UK who can effectively install a raised floor safely in your attic.

Our AtticZone StoreFloor is so sturdy due to our recycled grade recycled plastic that it is a stable supporting structure, which has easily exceeded the British Standard 6399-1:1996 for the minimum floor load.

To ensure that your installations and services are safe, our installers are fully insured to give you the reassurance you need when having your attic boarding with our StoreFloor. We are the only raised attic boarding product with the correct certification for use in new builds in the UK.

Not to mention how each of our installers are fully trained and certified before being allowed to install StoreFloor.

If you are installing StoreFloor yourself, then follow our 6 step Installation guide on our website to follow in our installer’s footsteps.

Your Attic Boarding Needs:

If you would like some more advice, our team of attic experts are always happy to answer any questions. Give us a call on 617-765-7444 (7am to midday, EST) or drop us a message at sales@attic-zone.com.

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