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Boarding Out Attic Space

What To Do With Attic Space Storage

Even if you have large attic space storage, it becomes useless if you can’t navigate around it and know where everything is. 

There are various ways that you can increase the usefulness of your attic without moving to a bigger home or investing in a huge project. As the experts, we’ve put together 5 suggestions on transforming your unloved attic into a useful storage space. 

Truss Storage Solutions

An attic can offer so much to your home. You can enjoy your attic storage space without changing the layout of your home, it’s about finding a way to structure the attic to suit your belongings. 

Truss Shelves can be custom-built, designed perfectly to the shape of the available space. These shelves allow you to create storage and a functional space, regardless of the style of your home. Trusses are a cost-effective way to improve your attic without investing in building work. You’ll reap the benefits so much quicker as well. 

Ceiling Storage

Installing suspended ceiling storage is a great way to improve the area around you without bringing in any heavy shelving or having clutter spread across the floor. 

Many people overlook this use of space, but it’s ideal for storing larger items such as furniture, suitcases, and camping kits. Ceiling storage is perfect for keeping less used items out of the way. 

Securely Store Your Belongings

Plastic storage boxes are ideal to store your belongings. Using transparent boxes means you can definitely avoid having to pull everything out, as you can see what’s stored in each box. It’s recommended that you do use airtight boxes to avoid spoiling anything you’ve put away. Make sure that you label each item so that you are aware of where everything is. This way your attic space storage is kept neat and tidy.

You can keep your boxes on the Truss Shelves or stacked up on a boarded attic floor. It’s important to buy boxes that are made of durable material so that if you are going to stack them, they won’t break underneath the weight of another. Just don’t stack too high in case they become unstable and unsafe. For the easiest access to everything, we do recommend using LoftZone’s heavy duty shelving. 

Attic Conversions

As the housing market continues to fluctuate, homeowners are revamping and doing up rooms to increase the value of their homes, and also to avoid moving in such a market. Attic conversions add value, but it is worth remembering that not all homes are eligible for an attic conversion

Converting your attic can transform your room into an additional living area and thus spreads out your belongings, but it doesn’t necessarily give you the best options in terms of storage. We recommend using eaves cupboards, perhaps with sliding doors to maximise the attic space’s storage following a conversion. Sliding doors means that you won’t have to crawl into the eves to find Christmas decorations or items you’ve put right at the back of the cupboards. 

Get Organised with Loftzone

Increase your attic space storage with our safe and secure products. Whether you fancy installing your own DIY Attic Boarding Kit or would prefer a professional attic boarding installer, our team of attic experts are always happy to answer any questions or help you to make the most out of your attic space. Give us a call on 617-765-7444 or email us at sales@attic-zone.com.

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