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attic ladder leading to attic hatch

Tips on Choosing a New Attic Ladder

For many, your attic may be something that is out of sight and out of mind, a place to store old boxes and general items you don’t need in your day-to-day life. If this is the case, it’s likely that you’ve not invested in a good quality attic ladder and therefore getting in and out might be a bit of a nightmare. 

If you want to quickly and easily access your attic, you’ll need to invest in a high quality, British-made attic ladder to make sure you have a suitable way of getting up there.

But which ladder is right for you?

Not only are there various different types of attic ladders, but the material also has to be considered when making your choice. Most ladders are made from aluminium or timber, but each has its own pros and cons.

While more expensive, wooden attic ladders are the way to go if you are after some added sturdiness and stability. Otherwise, if you are only accessing your attic occasionally, you might prefer the lightweight and easy to use aluminium style. After you’ve decided on your material next is the design style.

To know which design best suits your situation, you’ll first need to measure the height from the floor where the feet of your ladder will rest, to the top of your attic floor above, including the top of the StoreFloor deck, if you are mounting the ladder on the raised floor. As well as this you’ll need to measure up the hatch size as they are not all uniform and some ladders may require a larger hatch than you currently have. It is also important to take into account both the vertical and horizontal clearance space inside the attic that many ladders require and remember that you will probably be carrying boxes up and down the ladders so allow for this too!

Sliding attic ladders

Typically split into 2 or 3 sections that are securely connected with catches to allow them to be extended. These are an effective solution to get into your attic safely and conveniently as they are lightweight and easy to operate. They are simple to install and work with a range of different hatch sizes. 


Also under the sliding style, the concertina ladder is compact and ideal for houses and attics with limited space as they are stored directly above the hatch allowing for extra floor space inside the attic.


These minimalist extendable ladders can collapse away and be easily stored with even less space than the Concertina-style. With individual locking mechanisms on each rung to secure them at any height giving you more freedom with various attic heights.  


Homes are constantly getting smarter and why should your attic access be any different! Gone are the days of manually opening your hatch and retrieving the ladder with a pole, the electric ladder is the most modern and therefore expensive design style to provide an advanced solution with remote-controlled ease and convenience. 

Discover more details on our range of different attic ladders, or contact the team to discuss how we can fit one in your home.

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