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How to Prepare for Attic Boarding

Raised attic boarding is a great way to declutter your home. When it comes to installing attic boarding, you need to ensure you’re fully prepared, so the process is quick, easy and safe. Here are 5 handy ways to help get the most of your attic space.

Get your tools ready!

With our StoreFloor kits, you only need a tape measure, an electric drill and the screws that are supplied with the kits.

We also recommend you wear appropriate clothing such as overalls and gloves. As well as a dust mask, or another suitable face mask if you’re working in a dusty attic or moving insulation.

Access the current insulation and condition of your attic

For attic insulation to be thermally effective, it needs to be 11” thick. It also needs to be protected so it can work effectively. AtticZone StoreFloor raised flooring gives you the space to lay attic insulation and provides an airflow gap which protects the insulation too.

Measure your space

Plan out how much of your attic you would like to board. As well as how much storage space you require. Thanks to the modular system, StoreFloor can be built up in sections if you wish to start with a section around your attic hatch to begin.

Once you’ve measured your attic space, you can use our StoreFloor configurator tool which will provide you with an approximate calculation of what StoreFloor parts you will need.

If you need any support with ordering the correct kit for your attic, please feel free to get in touch with our expert team.

Do you have safe access?

Staying safe while working in your attic is important. Consider how you could improve safety when accessing your attic. For example, could you benefit from improved lighting? Do you require an attic ladder?

Having safe access can help you when it comes to installing and organising the items in your attic.

Begin to clear your attic

It’s important that you create a safe and clear space for when you come to install. As you can build StoreFloor in sections, you can clear a small area at a time. So, there’s no need to remove items from the attic altogether, as you can build the deck in stages and put items back on to an area you’ve completed.

This is also a great opportunity to assess what type of storage space you need.

Once you’re fully prepared, you’re ready to begin installing! Check out our handy installation guide for our easy-to-follow steps.

Need more advice before starting your attic boarding project?

Contact the AtticZone team today!

Our team of attic experts are always happy to answer any questions or help you to make the most out of your attic space. Give us a call on 617-765-7444 (7am to midday, EST) or drop us a message to sales@attic-zone.com. View our Youtube to see AtticZone StoreFloor in action!

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