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measure your attic space

How to Measure Your Attic Space

To help improve the attic insulation and storage space in your attic, installing AtticZone StoreFloor can create a raised attic floor that protects the full depth of attic insulation while providing a secure attic floor. You will need to measure your attic space to discover what size kit you will need. 

Here’s our handy guide to help you measure your attic space

Our AtticZone StoreFloor kits can be purchased in a range of sizes from 8ft x 8ft up to 24ft x 24ft. If you’re looking to board just around your attic hatch or your full attic space. You can use our configurator tool that will provide you with an approximate calculation of the relevant product parts you will need. These parts may include Cross-Beams, Tri-Supports, Uni-Supports and Attic Boards. 

Our configurator tool uses the distance along your attic joists and the distance along your cross-beams in metres to give you an approximate calculation. You can view our step by step guide videos to see how the system is securely fitted.

How do I measure my attic space?

Simply measure the area you plan to board and multiply the width of the attic by its length to work out the square footage of your attic area. We also recommend you take the measurements in metres. This is how we sell our kits and also makes it easier when you come to purchase the attic boards. 

For example, our small kit 8ft x 8ft comprises of all the supports and beams you need to lay a 2.4 metre by 2.4 metres StoreFloor, 64sq. feet of attic storage or a safe access path above your insulation.

Make sure you can safely access and move around in your attic to measure your space. Ensure you do not step on the plasterboard ceiling as there is a risk of falling through. Use an attic board laid across the joists to help you access the attic. 

You can also get a rough estimate of your attic space by measuring your rooms below. Add the sizes together and allow measurements for the wall widths. 

What size joists will work? 

The AtticZone system is designed to work with joists that are at least 1.25” wide, and at least 2” tall. Most attic joists are spaced at intervals of 16” or 24” and our Cross-Beams span these perfectly.

However, some houses have other, or uneven, joist spacing, and in these cases, it may be necessary to cut the Cross-Beam to span the joists correctly, and to purchase additional supports. We recommend using tin snips or a saw to cut the Cross-Beams. They are very strong thanks to their design but are actually only 3/100th of an inch thick.

Some of my joists are uneven 

A design feature of StoreFloor is that is spans over many joists. This makes it faster to install and also means that you can choose the layout to bridge over any uneven joists, where practical. 

I’d like to create a non-standard sized-deck

It is possible to vary the size of a standard deck slightly, to achieve an exact fit, as follows:

– If you want to move the rows of beams closer together, you can simply do so by screwing the plastic Tri-Supports into the joists a little bit closer together. 

– If you want to reduce the length of the Cross-Beams, it is possible to cut them. Remember to still support them at each end.

Prefer for someone else to fit StoreFloor?

If you’d prefer not to fit the deck yourself, then we have a series of authorised third-party installers around who can do the job for you. They have all passed our AtticZone training course, fitted decks which we have inspected and obtained the necessary insurances. The installer will provide you with a written no-obligation quote, and most can also offer other services, such as installing attic ladders, hatches, insulation and lighting. Find an installer. 

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