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How Much Weight Can Attic Boards Hold?

Attic boards enable you to declutter your home whilst keeping it organised and structured. Although, there is a reoccurring question of how much weight they can hold.

As the attic is one of the most useful places to hold (and hide) all your belongings, you should be aware of what to store in the attic and how to store it safely.

How Much Weight Should You Store in Your Attic?

Without attic boards, the attic can only support the weight of the ceiling so bear that in mind when plotting your storage. It is important that you spread the weight across the whole of the attic floor so that it is not in one space.

Regular attic joists will support around 40kg per square metre. If you are looking to store a heavier load, you will need to replace your boards with stronger ones that are equipped to hold those heavier loads. 40kg may seem like a lot, however comparing it to an average human beings’ weight, it is not as much as you think.

It is important not to overload the joists as it will cause them to bend and snap. Remember – attic joists are intended to support the weight of the roof and ceiling, nothing else. If you are considering having more than 40kg consider our StoreFloor boarding system which can hold up to 500kg per square metre! That is over 10X the amount that is recommended on a regular boarding structure!

Correct Structure

A correctly boarded attic will be laid across the joists, making it completely secure. It should take the weight of any luggage, boxes, and some light items of furniture as well as yourself.

Most attics can be boarded, but you need to be mindful of how much headroom you have. There may not be enough room to safely move across the floor, or it may not be appropriate to use for storage space.

Raising attic boards above the insulation will also create a structure that gives your attic the breathing space it needs. This ventilation improves airflow and won’t cause condensation which can ruin some stored items. We can distribute the weight across your attic to allow space underneath for any wires, cables, and insulation.


Boarding your attic can help you create more space to store more of your bits and bobs. With our StoreFloor, we can give you the chance to expand your attic space by creating a structure for your clutter. We can transform it into a more organised storage space. The supports are made from engineering-grade recycled plastic which makes it stronger than the joists in a typical attic.

StoreFloor can be easily installed in almost all attic types – old and new!

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