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Finding The Right Attic Installer

People often underestimate how much extra space they have in their homes before considering their attic potential. Although it may seem like quite the task to have your attic boarded, especially if you plan to do it yourself. There is always the option to have your attic boarding professionally installed.

At LoftZone, we have expert installers of our StoreFloor Attic Boarding Kit. Providing you with easy attic access and a lot of extra storage space for your belongings.

We have recently announced our first installer in the USA – Attic Flooring Texas!

Our Trusted Attic Installers

Certified & Fully Trained

Each installer undergoes full training and certification before being authorized to install LoftZone StoreFloor.

Fully Insured

Every one of our installers is fully insured to give our customers peace of mind when having their attic boarded.

Do You Want To Fit LoftZone Professionally?

If you would like to install LoftZone in your existing business, or to start a new business doing that, then please contact us for our trade prices.

If you would additionally like to become one of our LoftZone Authorized Installers, then contact us and we will discuss what that involves, too!

Please note that we are currently offering LoftZone Authorised Installer status to suitable new companies within the USA, Canada, Ireland and France.

Prefer to install your own attic boarding?

Our LoftZone Storefloor Attic Boarding kits can all be installed quickly and effectively. Simply purchase one of our kits, follow our installation guide and have your attic boarded in no time.

Don’t worry though, if you start the boarding and run into trouble our installers are always available to give you some assistance.

Contact the LoftZone Team today!

Whether you fancy installing your own attic boards or would prefer an installer. Our team of attic experts are always happy to answer any questions. Give us a call on 617-765-7444 (7am to midday, EST) or drop us a message to sales@attic-zone.com

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We are now AtticZone!

Our US site has recently undergone a rebranding from LoftZone to AtticZone, but don’t worry if you’re looking for our UK site, you can still find it at www.loftzone.co.uk.

Take a look at our rebranded site, we’re sure you’ll love it as much as our Attic boarding!