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What’s the Difference Between Raised Attic Boarding & Standard Attic Boarding?

Before buying raised attic boarding it’s important to know what you’re signing up for.

If you haven’t dealt with the process of having an attic boarded before, it’s likely that you’ll take the installers word for it. Without questioning the efficiency or potential alternatives to standard attic boarding. This is where we come in.

So, what are the differences between Standard & Raised Attic Boarding?

A common misconception regarding attic boarding is that it’s one solution for all attics. No variation, no innovation. This is certainly not the case. In this article our attic innovators explain the difference between standard attic boarding and raised attic boarding. Giving you a clearer picture with how best to board your attic.

Standard Attic Boarding

Traditionally, within a standard attic boarding package, attic boards are placed directly on top of the joists. This is a very fast way to have boarding installed, however, it isn’t suitable for the majority of attics. Although many installers will recommend standard attic boarding. Due to its cost effectiveness and ease of installing, it can have adverse effects on your property.

If you have insulation, wiring, or pipework installed, having your attic boarded in this way can make it nearly impossible to access these areas. Crushing your insulation making it ineffective.

By squashing your insulation, condensation can build up and cause problems with dampness in your attic. Allowing your insulation to get damp heightens the risk of your insulation not working. A build-up of water could cause damage to the ceiling beneath. Even riskier is if the wooden joists get damp which may cost thousands to repair the damage that damp can cause in your home.

Raised Attic Boarding

To avoid these problems, the AtticZone StoreFloor was created. This patented attic boarding technology raises your boarding above the insulation allowing air to flow from the eaves and continue throughout the attic and under the attic flooring. This removes any risk or problems with damp or condensation and allows you to get the full potential of your insulation, preventing heat loss through your roof.

What are the main benefits of Raised Attic Boarding?

• Reduce Heat Loss in your home.
• Protect and improve the effectiveness of your insulation.
• Suitable for old and new build homes.
• Removes the risk of dampness building up.
• Strong, Secure and simple to install.

Would you like to have attic boarding installed in your home?

We have installers who are able to install AtticZone StoreFloor raised attic boarding to any type of home, old or new. View our available attic products to learn more about the StoreFloor, book yourself an installer, or get in touch with our team if you have any questions or enquiry’s.

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