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Steel TrussShelf

DIY Kits – Attic Flooring Above Insulation



The AtticZone Steel TrussShelf is a brand new patent-pendingSS attic shelving system designed for quick and easy installation of smart shelving, between attic trusses that are spaced approx 24″ apart. TrussShelf is lightweight, strong and simple to use with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. Each shelf is designed to hold up to 25lbs of stored possessions. Screws are provided, all you need is a screwdriver. For more details, including fitting instructions, please see our TrussShelf page.

Dimensions: TrussShelf is suitable for fitting between trusses that are approx 24″ (600mm) apart. The shelf depth is also 24″ (610mm to be precise). Each Shelf-Panel weighs 8lbs (3.7kg).

The AtticZone Steel TrussShelf is made in the UK.



And now some general delivery information: These shelves can be delivered Monday to Friday for the same flat fee as any other AtticZone kit, regardless of how many shelves, or other AtticZone kits or parts are ordered. Kits bought on this website can be shipped to anywhere in North America; please enquire for other destinations.

Customers in the UK or elsewhere in Europe please use our local website, www.loftzone.co.uk

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Shelf-Panel, End-Beam

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