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What is the difference between attic boarding and attic conversion?

As with all home improvement products and services, it’s important to understand what it is exactly that you want in your home. One question we receive often is: What is the difference between attic boarding and attic conversion?

We’ve all heard both of those terms used before, and for many people they blend into one, however, they’re completely different things, with completely different costs. In this blog, we’ll outline the differences between the two and hopefully provide more insight into what would be best for your home attic project.

What is an attic conversion?

An attic conversion is the process of turning your, otherwise unused, attic area into a completely new living space and essentially adding a new room or rooms to your house. People will often convert their attic into another bedroom, a study or gym, but there are no limitations as to what you can use the space for.

This involves a full fit out and renovation of the space from top to bottom, including everything from the flooring, the walls & ceiling, to any appliances you may require for your new room.

Not all attic areas are suitable for an attic conversion as they often require a large amount of space to really make a completely new room without feeling cramped. Attic conversions as a whole are more suited to larger houses with room to play with, however most houses can have an attic conversion, albeit slightly cramped.

What is attic boarding?

Attic boarding is very different from a conversion. Simply put, attic boarding is the flooring throughout your attic, designed to increase your storage area in your home. You would have your attic boarded specifically for the purposes of storage and would not intend to spend time within it, unlike an attic conversion.

With attic boarding, you can either fit this yourself or have it installed for you. With our DIY Attic Boarding Kit you’ll have everything you need to board your attic, with simple to follow guidance to get you sorted. Attic conversions however take a lot of work and involve stripping out and remaking the space; you would require a professional to complete the project.

Thinking about boarding your attic? Try our patented StoreFloor attic boarding kit!

If you are considering installing attic boarding for your home, make sure the AtticZone StoreFloor is the one you choose. Either build it up yourself or book an installer, and unlock your attic area as a newfound storage space whilst also protecting your insulation.

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