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StoreFloor Configurator

Our StoreFloor configurator will help provide you with an approximate calculation of the relevant product parts you will need.


StoreFloor Compact Cross-Beam (x12)

DIY Kits – Attic Flooring Above Insulation


Box of 12 Engineering-Grade Galvanised Steel LoftZone StoreFloor Compact Cross-Beams.

Each Cross-Beam is 3″ wide, 1″ tall and weighs 2lbs. They are designed to sit on the Compact-Supports and slide over them, and they can thereby span joists over a distance of 4 ft. , whilst the sliding feature provides adjustment of up to 3″ in case any of your joists are unevenly spaced. The actual length of this Cross-Beam is 45.3″.


NOTE: if you are using StoreFloor and not StoreFloor Compact, then please buy the StoreFloor Cross-Beams, not these Compact Cross-Beams.


Box of 12 Engineering-Grade Galvanised Steel LoftZone StoreFloor Cross-Beams.

Standard delivery takes about 7-10 days, by Fed-Ex or UPS. All taxes and duties are paid by ourselves up-front, so there are no additional costs for you.

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